Why doesn't my lesson/course show complete?

Navigate Your Courses
Checkmarks are used to note progress within each course, lesson, and page. A green checkmark means completion and a hollow checkmark means in progress.  If you haven’t accessed the page or lesson, nothing will display.  
You can complete your lesson by using the following steps:
  • Click on Learn from the top navigation.
  • Click on the View Course button next to the course icon.
  • Click on the chapter you want to see.
  • Once in the chapter, Click the Menu in the upper left to navigate to the page(s) that are not complete.  
Please note, some of the lessons have sub pages embedded and in order to see the entire lesson you will need to expand the pages by clicking on the plus sign.  If not all of the pages show a green checkmark,then simply go back to that page and read it. The issue may also be that you need to take the pre or post assessment.  You may check all of that in your reports: 
Click on Reports at the top of the screen. Then select My Reports. Select the course report you want to review.
You may click on the chapter titles if you want to see the pre and post assessment scores and/or to verify that you have them both completed. The (pre or post) assessment will display if you have taken it. If you have not taken the (pre or post) assessment it will not be listed.