How do I unlock a student's account/reset password?

Manage the Admin Role
If a student is locked out or can not remember his/her password:
Click on Manage (top menu)
Click on Users from the drop down menu.
Type the first name, last name, or the Username in the Search box and click Search.
To unlock account:
Look at the words under State. It will say Locked or Active. If it says locked, click on the arrows next to it and click on Active.
Click on the Submit button to save it.
To reset a password:
Under the word Password, you will see a blank field. Click on the arrows and select the type of password you want (first name, last name, etc.)
Click on the Submit button to save it.
Note: You may send out a login reminder email by clicking the Send Login Email button. If the login goes to a parent/guardian instead of the learner, it will go to the Secondary Email. To confirm the email address of the secondary email, click +Advanced User Options and scroll to the Secondary Email box.