How do I check where the Login reminder email went?

Manage the Admin Role
If a learner calls and says he/she did not receive the login information email, you will want to look at the Username/email address if the learner is an adult or the Secondary Email if the learner is a child.
Click on Manage (top menu)
Click on Users from the drop down menu.
Type the first name, last name, or the Username in the Search box and click Search.
Click on the name you want to review.
If the learner is an adult, the email address the Login Email went to will be found under Username.
If the learner is a child, Click on +Advanced User Options, and scroll to Secondary Email box.
The parent/guardian email is listed there. Check the spelling to make sure there is not a typo. If there is, make the edits and click Submit button.
Click on the Send Login Email to send the login email to the learner.