What is the purpose of the Secondary Email?

Manage the Admin Role
My Catholic Faith Delivered makes every effort to avoid direct communication with children so that we may be in compliance with The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA); therefore, we prefer to communicate with an adult in the child's life. If our course is being used by a child, we ask that you provide a parent's or guardian's email address, the Secondary Email.
Note: If there is a Secondary Email provided, all emails sent to the learner will be sent to the Secondary Email address. The email will not be sent to both email addresses.
As an admin, you may add a Secondary Email to the learner's profile:
Click on Manage
Click on Users
Type the first, last or Username of the learner in the Search field and click Search.
Click on the learner's name
Scroll down to +Advanced User Options
Scroll down to Secondary Email and add the adult's email address
Click Submit
You may also send the Login Reminder email from the student's profile by clicking SEND LOGIN EMAIL button.
That email will arrive in the Secondary Email address Inbox.