How do I research an issue with course/chapter completion?

Manage the Admin Role
If a student or parent asks you why the student is not showing 100% complete in a course or chapter, the answer will be found in the student's course report.  Nine times out of ten, either the pre or the post assessment was not completed/saved in a chapter. 
Note: In order for a course to be 100% complete, each chapter must be 100% complete. In order for a chapter to be 100% complete, both assessments have to have been completed and the student has to have been on every page within the chapter.
Click on Reports
Click on Group Reports
Click on the class you want to review
Click on the student's name
*All of the chapters will display. If a chapter shows less than 100%, click on that chapter and look for both assessments to be listed. If one is missing from the list, simply have the student go back and take the assessment. If the student has not been on certain pages within the system, have him/her revisit the chapter and read those pages.